creating safe spaces to deconstruct gender inequity

global approach, local activism

We are passionate about issues that disproportionately and negatively affect women and girls all over the world - the world that is in our city, our neighborhoods. 

Our idea is to create safe and healthy spaces for people to confront, address and deconstruct gender inequity and other injustices in our lives.

In order to undo the damage patriarchy and misogyny causes in the lives of all people and pave a gender equitable path forward, there are a few concepts we have learned to understand and apply:  

  1. We must examine intersectionality - how forms of privilege and systems of oppression overlap, intersect and inform our identities - the way we view the world and the way the world views us and others. 
  2. All women and girls have inalienable human rights to bodily autonomy (ownership over our physical bodies) and agency (the capacity and freedom to act, choose, value and believe apart from the freedom of others). 
  3. No one’s autonomy or agency should impede or impose upon the autonomy or agency belonging to anyone else. 

An intersectional lens is required to fully deconstruct systems of oppression, including gender inequity. We are complex human beings with unique lives and stories to tell. To reframe women's rights as human rights, we must first honor the bodily autonomy and agency that every woman and girl deserves without cause or condition. Only then can we eradicate the forms of injustice that women and girls face every day.

It’s time to not only react to injustice due to gender, but to include more proactive and preventative efforts. We wholeheartedly believe we are only difficult dialogues and intentional actions removed from radical, positive change.